Facing Grief and Loss During a Pandemic

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There is so much to grieve amid the global pandemic that is COVID-19. On one hand, there is the loss of life on both a global and national scale. We are constantly watching the number of those dying as a result of the virus growing by the hundreds nationally and thousands globally, on a daily basis.

As this number grows it seems as though more people know someone personally who has lost their life, or they know someone who knows someone who has lost their life. This means the pandemic is starting to hit a lot closer to home for many people.

On the other hand, there is the loss of personal comforts such as control, freedom and social interaction. And from a pure needs-based standpoint there is the loss of fundamentals such as jobs and the ability to afford or find basic household essentials.

Given all the losses people are experiencing during this time, there are a host of negative emotions such as fear, guilt and anxiety that people find themselves feeling on a consistent basis.

These negative feelings are completely normal and believe it or not there are ways to deal with grief, loss and the feelings that accompany them.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

It can be tempting to feel as though you have no right to feel the sadness or frustration you do regarding the loss(es) in your life. However, it is important to acknowledge how you feel rather than trying to hide or be in denial about those feelings.

 Acknowledging how you feel gives you the chance to properly address those feelings, so they don’t build up and come out in an outburst or other unhealthy manner. Thus, creating space for yourself to process what you feel helps you to release those feelings so you can move forward.        
Take a Break

While it is certainly important to be informed about what’s going on in the world at this time, too much information can prove to be incredibly overwhelming. It is okay to separate yourself from news reports or conversations regarding the pandemic that magnify the grief and loss you feel. Taking a moment to step away and refresh your mind can go a long way for helping you maintain your sanity and peace of mind.

Get Support

You are not the only person dealing with grief and loss during this time. There are other people sharing this same experience and dealing with the same emotions and frustrations as you. Talking to these individuals can provide you the support you need to navigate this unprecedented and challenging time.

Having a support system gives you people you can confide in, who can offer encouragement and uplift you during low moments. From a practical standpoint, a support system can also help provide resources and information when you are dealing with an actual loss.

These are tough and extraordinary times for all of us. We don’t know what will happen next week, let alone next month. As we are faced with massive amounts of loss and experience grief in new and profound ways, we can overcome it.

By addressing how we feel, stepping away when it feels like too much and turning to others for help when we need it, we can make it through. As we all do our best to make it day by day, let us all try our best to be there for those around us the best way we can, so that we all come out stronger and better on the other side of this.


  • Acknowledge Your Feelings
  • Take a Break
  • Get Support 

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